Services you need. Chemical-free. Earthsway.

What "going Earthsway" is all about.
Earthsway Organic Solutions, founded in 2016, specializes in the provision of a large range of chemical-free pest control and cleaning services. Our mission is to provide our customers with the most responsive, professional and innovative organic solutions available on the market today. Our team are experienced and qualified pest and cleaning technicians who respond to our customers' pest and cleaning problems quickly, discreetly and efficiently.

Earthsway Organic Solutions maintains a strong competitive advantage over the competition. We have devised an operational plan that ensures Detailed Cleaning and Pest Control Practices using ORGANIC SOLUTIONS and methods.

We strive to build a business on long lasting, good solid relationships. With realistic expectations as our first priority, we extend our impeccable service commitment to you by being available 24-hours a day, through our effectiveness in solving challenges, and by being responsive to your every need.

Key reasons to choose Earthsway Organic Solutions:
  • Over 10 years experience
  • Licensed, Insured, Bonded
  • Registered Organic Products
  • Local Mid-Michigan Company
  • Certified, professional staff
  • 24/7  technical support
Information is everything. As a service company, the products I use are a small part of GREAT RESULTS. With Integrated Management Strategies in mind, I will thoroughly inspect areas and inform each client of best practices to use alongside of product application to easily achieve GREAT RESULTS, FAST! 
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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